Saturday, September 13, 2008

100km Done - race report

For some reason, I cant post my report to this blog automatically.
The Race Report is HERE.
The other race reports are here.

100km DONE!

100km - DONE

I finished the 100km trail run last night.  It took me 15:25h.  Two hours more than expected.  It was a hot day and it hurt.  Detailed report with pics to follow.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I have had a wonderful response from my mates for some crew support during the race. We have Deon and Troy doing the early shift, Daz, Matt and Duggy doing lunch and arvo, Toghes and Fiona doing the dark stages and Norm there the whole day. I would really like to get some good pics, some short vid clips and then make this blog a lasting memory of the event.

I am pretty razzed up about it. I ran home 16km tonight (Tue night before the Sat race) and for some idiotic reason I wore the new Goretex Peggies, as a test to see if they would be suitable for the race. Well, they are not suitable, and I am now the proud owner of 5 new blisters, 3 days before the biggest race of my life. IDIOT.

Lesson for young kids, dont test new shoes the week of the most important race of your life. Archive that google.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Email preparing for the run and crew logistics (read bottom up)

OK guys, thanks very much for the kind offer of help.  The following have all said they were keen:
Norm, Daz, Duggy, Troy, Matt & dunno about Bomber.
I am racing from 6am-7:30pm.  

We need to work out car logistics.  I am currently planning to borrow a car from Toghesy and drive up Friday night, do the pre-race dinner and briefing and then sleep in car.  That means the excellent crew would have to find their way there somehow, and then can cane around in my rig to checkpoints.

I will provide maps, timing points etc.  I think my food will be sorted, and so the crew need not do too much, except carry some medical supplies like bandaids etc.  It would be so awesome to see the crew (possibly with changing members) through out all the of the check points.  What I would really like is photos and videos at each check point so I can blog and save the day for posterity.  Please bring your cameras.

I could use a pacer for the last 12km leg (the longest leg believe it or not) from checkpoint 5 to checkpoint 2.  Its mostly downhill  and I will be going slow, so any of you can do it, if noone wants to, thats OK too.

I fully appreciate that this is a considerable injection of your weekend time, and I really appreciate anything you can do.  If that turns out to be nothing, then thats OK too, just send me your best love prayers over the ether via Aquarius or Leo (directions available from Matt).  I dont know how exciting it will be caning around the checkpoints all day, but there will be lots of competitors in the 100m and 100k (on the same course).  If it was anything like the lads weekend, there will be lots of laughs and map madness.  No legs are bigger than 90 mins, but there is a few options to race to d'agular, or beerburrum to eat etc between checkpoints.  You guys could also get a Tibro or Beerburrum climb in if planned well enough without missing me at a checkpoint.  If you are interested in that, reply so, and I will work out when the best time to try that is.

Plan available at:  (the bottom table).  Ill also bring some copies in the car.  All CPs are accessible by car except for 2a.  Dont run over runners, and dont park on the course.  Dont get me disqualified.

Perhaps you could all reply with your 
a) proposed attendance times
b) method of getting there


2008/7/25 Damian Ormston <>
I would be there if I were in the country...

On 25/07/2008, Darryl Ormston <> wrote:
Count me in for this.  I will be there from early until Mid Afternoon.....

On 7/17/08, Deon Shirley <> wrote:
Not sure what/if I will be running a more sane distance on the day, but will be around to see you at some point. 

On Thu, Jul 10, 2008 at 8:49 AM, Craig Douglas <> wrote:
I'll see what i can arrange and get back to you. Give me another nudge if i forget.

On 7/8/08, Norman McLeod <> wrote:
count me in to help where i can

On Tue, Jul 8, 2008 at 8:26 AM, Matthew Venamore <> wrote:
Cool. Sounds fun.
Book me in and I'll be there. :)

On Tue, Jul 8, 2008 at 8:15 AM, Glen Hendry <> wrote:
Hey guys

Request for help here.  I have decided to run the 100 km on Sat, September 13.  I need a crew, I could get away with only one or two, but I suspect it would be much more fun with a few.  The race is based at the Beerburrum state school, where many of you have been to and raced from.

The crew is allowed to car from checkpoint to checkpoint, and I can give pretty good estimates of what time I will be where.  The duties are not onerous, but I may need a 'get the fuck back out there' at a couple of points.  Espcially CP8 and CP6.  It starts at 6am at Bederburrum school (CP2), and therefore my race will end at 7pmish.  I can sort my own stuff out in the morning, so maybe the crew could hang out for the arvo.

I will be allowed pacers for dark sections, so later on in the race, any of you will be able to pace me (ie stop me from stopping) because I will be going so slow.  Its the company more than anything Ill need.  The September race is pretty inspirational, as you will get a chance to see the 100 mile dudes come in and out of checkpoints, and they are tough mofos.


Sunday, August 31, 2008

The prelude

I have decided to do the 100km trail race in Sep 2008. My training and racing, in 2007 and 2008 has been pretty steady and successful, with a lot of satisfying finishes and results, especially the 80km in May.

I would like to record here in this blog a report of what happened on the day, hopefully with a pic or video coming into most checkpoints and some maps and results. Check back after Sep 13th!

Glen Hendry
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